What Is The Best Way To Carry Your Laptop Around?

"What is the best way to carry your laptop around?” As a technician with a lot of experience, this is the question that I've heard so many times from my relatives and friends. And a few weeks ago, my little brother asked me the very same question when he got his first laptop from my parents. After I gave him my advice, I thought to myself: "I should make a guide about this problem so next time someone asks me this question, I can just send them that article". And that's why I'm here today.

There are 2 ways to carry your laptop around: you can use your basic laptop bag or you can buy a new high quality laptop backpack for you. And my best advice to you is: leave your laptop bag at home and invest in a good backpack is the easiest solution to that problem.

Why did I give you that advice? Well, because in my experience, a laptop backpack has many benefits that a normal laptop bag doesn't have. And you can read about them below:

1. Durability:

A laptop backpack is more durable than a laptop bag. Laptop backpacks are mostly designed with durable and water-resistant material which makes them really durable. And they can provide extra protection for your laptop from the weather as well.

2. Capacity:

A laptop backpack does not only carry your laptop but also everything you need inside. High quality backpacks like Ogio backpacks or Targus backpacks have many dedicated pockets for your electronic devices and multiple compartments where you can literally store everything inside such as: books, notebooks, pens, paper, calculator or even water bottle.

3. Comfortable:

Laptop backpacks are designed with well-padded, fully adjustable shoulder straps and well-designed back panel – and in my opinion they are the best features in laptop backpacks. They will help you carry your fully-packed backpack around without breaking a sweat.